Would You Login to Your Bank Using Facebook? via @brettking


Interesting Huffington post article Would You Login to Your Bank Using Facebook? asks the question….

The traditional players say "it will take time for people to trust these new mechanisms."

  • I'll never login with Facebook to my bank.
  • I won't pay with my mobile phone unless I understand how secure it is. This NFC technology is too new and there's no common standard.

Assuming they are the same that said

  • I'll never use email, there's nothing like calling someone or a face-to-face discussion to solve a problem
  • I'll never use an ATM machine, I don't trust a machine to give me money.
  • I'll never get a cell phone -- I don't want people to be able to call me whenever and wherever I am.
  • I will never put my credit card details on a website online -- are you crazy?
  • I'll never bank online. Not in my lifetime...
  • I'll never need a Facebook account -- it's a waste of time, it's just for college students.

I say the same about using the mobile as a payment tool and the response is that the battery will run out. I usually ask the question “Do you drive a car?”, “ Can your car run out of petrol?”, “Has your car every run out of fuel?”

Next observation “I don’t need a digital identity”