Carrier IQ and My Digital Footprint - do I care!


Mobile usage data capture service Carrier IQ is installed on phones, collecting your data and continues it passage of discovery as we ourselves discover what is and what is not acceptable (with our data and with/ without our permission) Think Phorm for an earlier case study.

Evidence from my research that currently running that 90% think there is no difference between collected (harvested) and shared (given) data.

Carrier IQ is software that delivers data about peoples' cell phone use to the cellular network carriers. Dropped calls, call quality and app usage patterns and individual keystrokes.  This is the same data that drives data mining tools and analysis for your apps to be FREE as it is sold to marketing companies.  Think Flurry, comscore etc.  The value of the mobile is not the consumption of service on our phone but the volume of data our phone produces about us.  Think geo-tagged transaction data. 

Data is being understood, according to some leading analysts, as an economic input of equivalent importance to capital and labour. 

An important question is not whether or not this data will be collected and used - the question is who will HAVE RIGHTS TO USE DATA? Assume (safe) that no-one will have control!