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Governance : the new black

Digital and data can be viewed as enabling and world-making; or as disruptive and world-changing. In other words, the philosophy of digital and data is as formative as tech can get.  We know it is hard to make sense of this virtual digital world, in the same way it is for us to sense the roundness of our earth when we only see the flat horizons or indeed grasp the size of our galaxy or scale the universe.  The impact of digital is complex, ambiguous, dependent and uncertain.   The realisation of the impact of digital is not a science and right now requires judgment on behalf of leaders, pioneers and adventurers; as we as a society wrestle with the unknown benefits, complexity, compromises and problems digital life throws up. The maturing of making everything digital means that we now have to understand and address a new culture, value system, purpose and governance; but when? Whilst there is no right time for everyone, as attention depends on the adoption to a specific marke