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Data Mobility / data Portability UK report on the market

Ctrl Shift published the report it undertook for DCMS Data Portability (mobility) The Full report is here for download  Or the 8 page version is here – this is 10 minutes and well worth reading  My takeaway  "Data Portability isn’t the issue, it’s what can be done with the data at the other end that matters."  The core issues This report makes three recommendations which directly support the progression of the personal data mobility development agenda: Recommendation 1: Create the personal data mobility Coordinating Entity (CE). The Coordinating Entity requires the following characteristics to be successful: • Empowered – have teeth or have the resources to teeth the enforcement of action. • Commercially independent. • Impartial – be known to be unbiased. • Have capacity and funds to support engagement. • Be able to coordinate across sectors. • Have market authority – strong skills and knowledge and with the capacity to drive th

Black Swan - Data portability/ mobility and data sharing economy

I saw 50 black swans when thinking how data data portability/ mobility will migrate value towards the individual. Now some headlines are set up for click bait; however here is my picture taken in on the North Island New Zealand on lake Rotomahana when out walking and preparing this. Yes each little do it a black swan. Summary : Been thinking about the complex and hidden implications of the personal data portability/ mobility models and data sharing economics. The thinking leads to the possibility of making it far harder for large silo data owners to sell/ share their data due to risk of re-identification; which changes the data economy. Less general silo data being available for sale but increasing demand for ‘quality’ data could mean individual collated data becomes far more valued far quicker than forecast, as the value chain shifts in response to new legislation/ regulation. Early and fast adopting countries will benefit with significant increases in innovation, investment and

What are all the types of #PRIVACY

Iterating from the generic and classic four : defense, human right, private and contextual;  and the invasion of privacy work  where claims center on: Intrusion of Solitude, Appropriation of Name or Likeness,Public Disclosure of Private Facts and False Light.  Also from Rachel Finn, David Wright and Michael Friedewald work on the  Seven Types of Privacy.  (2013)   Privacy of the person,  Privacy of behaviour and action,  Privacy of communication,  Privacy of data and image,  Privacy of thought and feelings,  Privacy of location and space,  Privacy of association Do we need a better refinement the ideas and definitions, but what are they.....  a few as a starter: Information privacy , which involves the establishment of rules governing the collection and handling of personal data such as credit information and medical records; Bodily privacy , which concerns the protection of people's physical selves against invasive procedures such as drug testing and cavity searches;