Data Mobility / data Portability UK report on the market

Ctrl Shift published the report it undertook for DCMS Data Portability (mobility)

The Full report is here for download 

Or the 8 page version is here – this is 10 minutes and well worth reading 

My takeaway  "Data Portability isn’t the issue, it’s what can be done with the data at the other end that matters." 

The core issues

This report makes three recommendations which directly support the progression of the personal data mobility development agenda:

Recommendation 1: Create the personal data mobility Coordinating Entity (CE). The Coordinating Entity requires the following characteristics to be successful:

• Empowered – have teeth or have the resources to teeth the enforcement of action.

• Commercially independent.

• Impartial – be known to be unbiased.

• Have capacity and funds to support engagement.

• Be able to coordinate across sectors.

• Have market authority – strong skills and knowledge and with the capacity to drive the coordination required. 

Recommendation 2: Progress priority items from the CE-led development agenda across the Core Issues of Infrastructure and Standards, Individuals’ Know How and Adaptive Regulation:

• Early intervention in three critical Infrastructure and Standards Key Challenges, Safe Data Sharing, Liability, Interoperability.

• Raise individuals’ know how through prominence in related government and regulatory communication activities, work with organisations such as Which?, Consumers International and Doteveryone to design know how development.

• Create a structure for the development of Adaptive Regulation. Work with innovators and regulators during policy development. 

Recommendation 3: Progress priority requirements from the business-led development agenda around the Core Issues of Services and Applications and Incumbent Business Case:

• Design with industry, how government can best support market development.

• Support the development of applications and services.

• Promote the use of the Directed Innovation Framework for use by business.

• Enable use of government data to support the development of personal data mobility and recombinant innovation.

Given my thinking on data sharing and data portability/ mobility – we need to move fast to implement this or the market will have already gone past it.