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Why do we use time as our constant?

There are natural rhythms but we appear to ignore them in preference for rigid structure. Why have we lost the ideas and concepts humanity developed before our iWatch and Fitbit? When did time become our base for measurement and not rhythms? Indeed are rhythms important? “Time”, not spacetime, for us is fixed in chunks and measured by the universal “per second ”, with 1 second set by a cesium atomic clock , which are so accurate they will not drop 1 second in more than a billion years . But life is not like this and whilst time and distance are related, as is the need to have leap seconds to adjust for the earth's rotation, our life patterns are not as stable as the seconds we measure against. Where is the link to data and our digital life? We measure everything to the second and believe that with this measure, the data is correct. This data becomes our digital life clock and measurement rod. The point is that we have created a super accurate