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badges for 1% and 5% - what else does this tell the market

So I have been given a 1% badge from LinkedIn and a 5% badge from Kred – so what…. As I kind of get gamification and the desire to spread the great news but in telling me this what else have they told me…. Based on LinkedIn numbers If I assume that all 1% members (2 Million of us) have 1,000 profile views every 3 months or 4,000 per year. Therefore the top1% of members provide 8bn hits – how much should we now we charging LinkedIn as we provide I can feel a model coming on here… and will the numbers add up to the LinkedIn plan and SEC filing

Hidden Costs from data theft...

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@TonyFish Interview by @julianblake for @iNeed & @IW #techcity

Interview  by  Julian Blake  for TechCity Insider All you need is trust from TechCityInsider on Vimeo .

Call for speakers for BIG DATA WEEK #bdw13

Call for Speakers Big Data Week is one of the most unique global platforms of interconnected community events focusing on the social, political, technological and commercial impacts of Big Data. It brings together a global community of data scientists, data technologies, data visualisers and data businesses.

Bloomberg Tradebook's GROW is a new investment forum

Bloomberg Tradebook’s GROW is a new investment forum that enables investors and companies to meet and get to know each other over a period of 12 months. Through enabling companies and investors to meet on a number of occasions, where companies can showcase tangible progress and build credibility, the outcome will be that investors will know companies and the progress when funding requirements come round. To find out more and register please go to Declaration : I am a founder

IW GROW - open for new season of growing companies

IW Grow has just opened up their 2013 winter session applications. They're offering a number of unique slots to promising companies who are keen on reaching sustainable high growth. Sound like you? Find out more at / applications-iw-grow-open-clos i ng-date-15-feb/ Declaration : I am a founder of IW Grow

Please vote for my session at Digital Shoreditch

Please vote for my session at Digital Shoreditch Does data understand the meaning of a wink? There is wide agreement that data can provide insight and in somecase intent, but can data also understand you as a human, what you do to add signals to data and how new UI/ UX will pick up even more of your human actions and reactions. Questions answered :   where UI/UX goes next Where data goes next How we get more value from digital interactions