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As an executive, investor or board member; how should we interrupt, position and understand AI?

  Image source: and updates The purpose of this article is to provide a framework which gives you a clear and coherent communication tool to assess or position any AI initiative. The positioning will be on the continuum of AI will either save the human race from extinction or be our nemesis, causing our very eradication. The framework is built on an explanation of how value is created using an economic model that provides for both stability (BAU) and change (disruption). Critically explored is how the choice is made between the stable and change models. Through exploring stable, change and choice we unpack how the outcome of an AI project can lead to growth and prosperity or dystopia and destruction. The simplest economic model Figure 1 presents a very simple process. Raw materials are an input to a process called gain , which creates

“Possible Minds” 25 ways of looking at AI edited by John Brockman

“ Possible Minds ” 25 ways of looking at AI edited by John Brockman One of the best books on AI, right now in 2019, not because of its technical deep views but because it presents many (25) arguments about different aspects of AI and why there cannot be one unified vision or view. It is one to read, just because at the end you have more questions you don’t have answers to; which is a Richard Feynman quote in parts. It does allow you to explore your own views about AI, you will align to different parts of the viewpoints presented, indeed you will create a mashup of them all where you feel comfortable. The take away from the book is the framework and not the content from reading this book, the challenge laid down to keep up with the 25 themes are they develop, morph, link, combine, fraction and fork; especially the ones you find are at conflict with your own view and belief will be the most difficult, and there are lots. Below is for me, some personal, interruption and thinking

Data Portability and Privacy

#facebook published “ Charting a Way Forward on Privacy and Data Portability ” on 4/10/19 however it is *not* a white paper but a document seeking free guidance and input. In their own words “To address these challenges, we’re seeking feedback and guidance from a wide range of stakeholders about how to build portability in a way that empowers people and fosters competition while maintaining their trust in online services” I have, like many others, given a lot of input over the years to Facebook for free via invites to brainstorms, private sessions and roundtables. In all cases massive promises are made by #Facebook about what next but they never deliver. No papers, no summary, no write up, no thanks – nothing. I set out my thinking on the #facebook data portability paper at the end as interest to those who might also read the paper. I have been exploring the topic of data portability for some time. This piece explores the strategic opinions for market models and the regulators stanc

Marketing data lies and photo evidence proof - Uber drivers are not there. #whoelse

Often I logged into Uber - the marketing says lots of cars near me right now and you book only to wait 10 minutes for a car.   By chance I was above the road when about to book recently.  I took three pictures on one phone, whilst in the Uber app on the other phone.  I took a screen shot from Uber app and their data showing cars right outside - at the same time as the empty road.   Were the Ubers parked, no, they were apparently driving past as I watched them move. I booked my Uber and the nearest driver was 8 minutes away..... I repeated the test a few time, making sure the road was empty.  Same results. Now wonder what rules they are using to show me the cars, what rules are they bending to market their services and what ethics they are using.

What is “the future of money?”

So many wise words and wisdom's have been shared and debated on the topic of the future of money, along with numerous books and research papers on the same topic. I have reviewed much of what has been said over the past few years and surely the first question is. “Is there anything new to say?” Whilst walking recently with a good friend Celia Gates we explored the question using her Whether Forecasting model and here is some fresh thinking. “The future of money”; is the wrong question! Money was and remains amongst other things a method of exchange. If money had stayed as only a mechanism of exchange; kind of like what we created it for, we would not be where we are today with the economy we have and the freedoms we enjoy. Money had to and has become an object or an entity . An entity is a thing with distinct and independent existence. Money exists for money itself, it creates itself, it has value in of itself. Money is therefore both an exchange and is something in its own righ