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Digital Fabrication; Trend or Game Changer?

In order to survive, we must constantly be able to adapt our behaviour according to the changing environment, or we have to find a way to change the environment. We are not challenged by all the possible visions of what 2025 and beyond could be, but rather how do we make one or more of them a reality.  Whilst there is a significant dependence on us in creating change, technology is making it faster and easier.  The Internet and Web has transformed many processes and industries creating opportunity, change, uncertainty and risk. Much of this change has come from changes in the way services are built and offered, and fundamentally this change has been enabled through software platforms that scale.  The economics of 'free' have emerged and are somewhat understood but the impact of this new model many would argue has not yet been fully recognised . Products, consumer equipment and technology hardware is starting to go through the same painful changes that industrie

What is your maker persona?

  You are...  The Visionary You’re all about ideas and exploring opportunities wherever you go, in everything you see. You’re creative and ideas-driven with a style that’s visual and intuitive. While you have many ideas, you focus on the ones you know will change the world by harnessing your creativity with your designs. Don't stop dreaming – the tools exist to convert your ideas into reality!  

Innovation: nature or nurture?

Source : My Blog on Huffington image source Nature vs nurture is a most basic of questions about us, our behaviours, management style, our reaction, our attitude and our parenting. However this post is not for or against either side, neither is it a sit on the fence but rather an observation about the specific skill of iteration. My scars come from over 25 years in startup land with the past 12 years in acceleration, incubation and funding both for software and product companies but all with a technology led solution. The struggle I have is that we [royal] assume that one side of nature or nurture is somehow more stable and constant than the other side. Some argue that nature changes little over one generation and is therefore offers stability to measure from, others that nurture is the more stable. No one denies small incremental changes but these are about improvements and overall stability means that you can measure differences of the other force and determine if natu