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Data For Better Decisions. Nature or Nurture?

“Every” management student has had to answer the exam question: “Leadership/ management: Nature or Nurture? - discuss” It is a paradox from either side of the argument, the logical conclusion always highlights the other has truth. The reality of leadership and management is that it is a complex adaptive system, and context enables your nature to emerge and nurturing to mature.  This is important because we also know there is a link between strategy, styles (leadership) and business structures.  In this article, we will unpack how your “nature or nurture” thinking-structure, affects outcomes.  Your thinking-structure is also a complex adaptive system as your peers and customers thinking, your companies “culture of structure” thinking affect you. BUT have you considered how your data structure and your data philosophy will have a direct and significant impact on outcomes?  I’ve known that my neurodiversity package (severe dyslexia, mild high functioning autism, ADHD) informs how I inter

The New Fatigue - what is this all about?

Not sure about you but there is something different about the current situation (Feb 2021).  I wrote about the  7B’s as our responses to lockdown and I believe still that viewpoint stands. However, there is something new, right now, which is different it is a mistiness,  a malaise, fatigue, sapped, brain fog.  To be clear, this is not a loss of motivation, depression or other mental issues - which are all very real and getting to everyone but I am talking about something else. In 1996 (web 1.0) the market discovered the opportunity for an online market, everyone took their physical business and replicated it exactly (give or take a bit) to work in a web browser.  On-line arrived.  We quickly worked out that this was an unmitigated disaster as a user experience, operationally and back office was a mess.  Come 2001 post-crash we had stopped taking off-line thinking and plonking it on-line and saying to ourselves, this is fab.  We started digital-first.   2020 we were forced to take th

Quantum Risk: a wicked problem that emerges at the boundaries of our data dependency

Framing the problem I am fighting bias and prejudice about risk perceptions; please read the next lines before you click off.  We tend to be blind sighted to “risk” because we have all lived it, read it and listened to risk statements.  The ones on the TV and radio for financial products, the ones at the beginning of investment statements, ones for health and safety for machinery, ones for medicine, ones on the packets of cigarettes, the one when you open that new app on your new mobile device. We are bombarded with endless risk statements that we assume we know the details of, or just ignore.  There are more books on risk than on all other management and economics topics together.  There is an entire field on the ontologies of risk; such is the significance of this field. This article is suggesting that all that body of knowledge and expertise has missed something.  A bold statement, but quantum risk is new, big, ugly, and already here, it's just that we are willingly blind to i