Disclosure Statement 

Digital ethics are adding a layer of complication to our forgetful, slow, media, telecoms, print and broadcast laws, rules, rights and regulations. It is clear that as this blog passes 1,000,000 "hits" that the division between enthusiast, critic, and being able to express views with integrity is getting harder; indeed I have learnt that true reporting is a complex and a lot of work so I leave it to the experts. Whilst journalists have ethical guidelines, the rest of us just become publishers as we have free access to the platforms. One principle that is valuable for almost everyone is disclosure and to declare any conflicts of interest. So in that spirit, here is my first disclosure statement:- 
  • This blog is a follow on to my book - "My Digital Footprint", which is sold by Amazon (physical and Kindle) and FutureText (the publisher) or free in PDF form if you want, just email me.
  • This blog is not sponsored, I added AdWords as an experiment March 2019 and removed in May 2020. 
  • The author is not paid to blog, has not been and has no intention of being; 
  • The purpose is to work through where and how value can be created and to be able to articulate the opportunities and threats; 
  • Income is derived from investment, various board seats and selected short term board advisory roles; 
  • I have a number of investments into technology and digital orientated companies which I will cover from time to time and will always disclose the fact of a relationship, and; 
  • The Intellectual Property (if there is any) on this blog is published under a creative commons licence and you are free to copy and improve it (assuming I had the licence to publish it if copies works). 

This Disclose Statement was last updated on 24th May 2011/ 6th Nov 2013/ 18 March 2019/ 14 May 2020