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What has the executive team already forgotten about hard-fought lessons about leadership learned in COVID times?

Crisis situation are characterised by being urgent, complicated, nuanced, ambiguous and messy. The easy part is acknowledging that crisis presents exceptional and unprecedented challenges for organisations and leadership teams. In such periods, the stakes appear higher, and the decisions made can have far-reaching consequences.   The question of whether a leadership team should think, act and behave differently during times of war, conflict, and crisis is undoubtedly open for debate. But what did the last global pandemic (crisis) teach us, and what lessons learned have we forgotten in the light of new wars?  Pre-pandemic leadership framing about how to deal with a crisis. The vast majority of how to deal with a crisis pre-pandemic was based on coaching, training and mentoring but lacked real experience of the realities because global crises do not happen at scale very often. Whilst essential to prepare, thankfully most directors never get to work in a crisis and learn. Pre-COVID, the