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What level of consent is reasonable .....

when considering how your personal digital data should be used by others? The purpose of this post is to explore the ideologies in a digital context, about when should Forgiveness or Approval be used as an appropriate consent method.  Specifically, when a third party needs permission to use/ has used your data.   Consent : opening pandora's box with a familiar scenario.  Imagine a friend needed to borrow your car, would you expect them to ask for your approval or forgiveness and would that change if there was an emergency.  Imagine someone asking to borrow your credit card but then spending more or twice. Which consent method appears appropriate; Forgiveness or Approval. Would the amount spent cloud your opinion or the closeness of the relationship?  In human to human relationships we believe that we have a clear set of boundaries for consent irrespective of approval and forgiveness. However, outside of the very few extreme cases there is a personal judgement

Should you care who owns your Identity?

Identity, and what it means to people, is in the majority thought of as age, gender, experience, culture, and location.  The purpose of this piece is to invite you to think about what your identity means in the future, as change is creating new opportunities. Identity ( past ):  In the most generic form was all about recognition.  Who you are: your name, family-tree, where you were born and live, your position in the group, your skills, etc.  Identity was simplistic.  Identity stemmed from relationships and traceability and as such trustable.  Knowing someone and being known had merit, until early versions of misrepresentation and fraud merged. Authentication mechanisms like stamps and seals became required.   Identity ( present ): Given that authentication mechanisms of identity ( past ) proved useful, centralised processes such as the issuance of birth certificates, social security numbers, marriage certificates, driving licenses and passports be