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Apple Vs Global Responsibility

  Image source   In response to Tim's letter.......   It is evident to me that the spirit of Steve Jobs is still running Apple.   "I (Steve) know better what you want than you do yourself: so trust me."  Now in terms of design I could not agree more.  In terms of UI and UX; it is very personal and for me I prefer Android and Windows for flexibility and ability to get below the skin and pick my own accessories but that does not really matter as I can run Ubuntu on a PiZero with Tor.  Now in terms of privacy, which is the current story: Apples' trust me I know better is a corporate arrogance that does not wash at all. #youdontknowbetter   Apple does not own me or my data.  Apple must take its responsibility in law to do it best to protect me but that does not mean keep my personal data safe at the