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Apple vs the World (v3)

  There appears to be more column inches and passionate views on Apple as our protector than Britexit or not Britexit.  In fact I can find more facts supporting both sides of Apple vs the FBI than I can for either "Stay or Go" in the EU exit race!   This is my third viewpoint (rant) as more transpires and new ideas are presented.  I sense that the passion and division on this topic is not personal view on privacy or encryption as there is an undercurrent ( I believe) that this story is about marketing, economics and negotiation. #atlast.   Sense check: Do we all agree that we should educate our kids, have a great healthcare system, delivery peace over war, leave the earth better than we found it - probably yes.  Do we all differ on how we should implement these ideals - absolutely!  Everyone wants privacy and encryption, trackable terrorists and stopping criminals but we differ on how to implement it.  #experience   Since Apple vs the world and the implications of unlocking i