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Make Delete the Default?

I read this article and it got me thinking. What happens if we do make Delete the Default. The problem as I see it is that it all becomes too easy to forget history, too easy to have an opinion, too easy to not think and act, too easy to be individual above a citizen.  Accountability is surely valued higher than privacy? What happens when your medical history is deleted, your heart ECG, your previous test results. We value history every day, why do we want to loose it? Big difference is access to stuff you are not allowed to see. Personally because you want to protect your “chat” you cannot take the same principals and expand them to every situation – Delete cannot be the default.

How BitCoin Works - a very good, long and detailed explanation


Where Privacy by Design is heading - good report

Report in full is here .....However, like our current dependence on fossil fuels, Big Data’s current use of  personal information is unsustainable, increasingly resulting in “pollution” via privacy infringement. At the moment, individuals have little, if any, control over their information’s use and disclosure in Big Data analytics. In addition to a host of privacy concerns, this lack of informational self-determination gives rise to an uneven exchange of the economic value. While the owners of Big Data algorithms profit from their use and disclosure of personal information, the individuals the personal information relates to do not—at least not directly. If not properly addressed, the privacy and economic concerns raised by Big Data threaten to decrease individuals’ willingness to share their personal information3—in effect, cutting off the flow of the “oil” on which the analytic “machinery” of Big Data runs. In order to make the interactions between Big Data and indi