Marketing data lies and photo evidence proof - Uber drivers are not there. #whoelse

Often I logged into Uber - the marketing says lots of cars near me right now and you book only to wait 10 minutes for a car.  

By chance I was above the road when about to book recently.  I took three pictures on one phone, whilst in the Uber app on the other phone.  I took a screen shot from Uber app and their data showing cars right outside - at the same time as the empty road.   Were the Ubers parked, no, they were apparently driving past as I watched them move.

I booked my Uber and the nearest driver was 8 minutes away.....

I repeated the test a few time, making sure the road was empty.  Same results. Now wonder what rules they are using to show me the cars, what rules are they bending to market their services and what ethics they are using.