What are all the types of #PRIVACY

Iterating from the generic and classic four: defense, human right, private and contextual;  and the invasion of privacy work where claims center on: Intrusion of Solitude, Appropriation of Name or Likeness,Public Disclosure of Private Facts and False Light.  Also from Rachel Finn, David Wright and Michael Friedewald work on the Seven Types of Privacy. (2013)  

Privacy of the person, Privacy of behaviour and action, Privacy of communication, Privacy of data and image, Privacy of thought and feelings, Privacy of location and space, Privacy of association

Do we need a better refinement the ideas and definitions, but what are they.....  a few as a starter:

Information privacy, which involves the establishment of rules governing the collection and handling of personal data such as credit information and medical records;
Bodily privacy, which concerns the protection of people's physical selves against invasive procedures such as drug testing and cavity searches;
Privacy of communications, which covers the security and privacy of mail, telephones, email and other forms of communication; 
Territorial privacy, which concerns the setting of limits on intrusion into the domestic and other environments such as the workplace or public space.
Private privacy: space, mind and interactions
Relationship privacy: consent and protection by association
Consent privacy: who and what you have shared
Data and Image Privacy: 
Data and behaviour:
Public Record privacy:
Right to be forgotton privacy :
Recognition via algorithm privacy:
Sharing data privacy: