Frontier: comprehensive service in the emerging personal data services and eco-system space. @identitywoman


Identity Woman has been working hard and should be delighted with the new site, style and content from PDEC.

There is also a new subscription information source called the Personal Data Frontier which delivers the most comprehensive service in this emerging personal data services and eco-system space. Frontier offers in-depth analysis and news on personal data like no other publication does, or can. The Frontier provides invaluable leverage to those in the vanguard of developing and delivering solutions and services in the personal data ecosystem. The Internet Society (ISOC) is funding PDEC’s research on the industry practices and trends the Frontier will regularly examine and interpret. Each monthly issue boosts your sector intelligence with insightful, broad-based, and knowledgeable reporting. We do the legwork so you can focus on making the most profitable use of what we reveal in your sphere.

There is a special offer for the first 20 subscribers.

Disclosure: I am a board member