Heredity Influences Your Approach to Social Media

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When it comes to online interactions, just like any other interactions, your personality is a strong influence on your ability to be successful. Your personality, with all of its traits, is a huge influence on how others respond to you. 

Connecting people

When it comes to business networking and introductions being made, some people will be more likely than others to effectively help other people to widen their circle of business connections. Your personality will determine whether you will be comfortable with introducing people to other people. If you are a reserved individual, chances are very good that you won’t have a desire to put yourself in the spotlight. By introducing one person in your online social circle to another person in your online social circle, you are making yourself the center of attention. That may not be something about which you are comfortable.

On the other hand, if you are an outgoing person, a person who lacks inhibitions, you will be much more inclined to connect people in your online communities with each other. In fact, connecting people can bring you a great deal of joy. Your deepest influence comes from who you are as a person, deep down inside. Your genes could be a much larger factor in your life than you know.

Social media: It satisfies many different types of people

Social media is extremely attractive to people with all sorts of different personalities for many different reasons. It gives outgoing people a much larger group of people to work with when it comes to successfully being the person who establishes connections for others. It makes them so happy to be in the middle of everything and, at the same time, to positively affect a change for others. The various online communities offer different benefits for different people.

Social media is also very attractive to people who are not as comfortable with being in the middle of everything. Social media gives them the opportunity to connect with people as much or as little as they wish to do so. They can go at a pace that is comfortable for them and, at the same time, they can still feel satisfied that they are making a solid contribution to other people.

One thing that is clear in all cases is that no matter how people use social media and social networking,  who they are as people is an important part of it. It is scientifically understood that different genes affect different types of behavior. One thing that is certain is that people will continue to connect with each other and interact through online social communities. That means of communication is here to stay. Having a deep understanding of the psychology and the science behind it makes everything better.

Social media’s potential influence

There are so many different ways in which social media can influence people with their issues. Many of those issues can have genetics at their source. Let’s look at obesity as an example. In many cases, obesity is very influenced by heredity. From a psychological perspective, many people who battle a weight problem are able to overcome their issue with support from other people. That is where the social media aspect comes into play. If a person has a strong sense of online social community and shares relationships with other people who can empathize (or at least sympathize) with them, their end result will be affected in a positive way and they will feel better about themselves.


Whether genetics are being considered when it comes to personality traits or issues that are physical as well as psychological, social media comes into play and can have a positive influence on the outcome of the situation. It is very important to have an understanding of how strong a role heredity plays when it comes to people successfully making social media work for them. People will respond to you if you allow them to see who you really are and to forge common ground with them. At the same time, if you feel that your personality needs a little spicing up, there is nothing wrong with keeping things interesting by speaking about provocative subjects or, perhaps, by injecting some humor into your interactions with others.