Reflecting on last years personal predictions....


Reflecting on Predictions from 2010/ 2011 and thinking for 2012

  • My Digital FootPrint – what is it and who owns it?   Probably not moved on as much as I expected, but ownership is still a central theme being debated.
  • Voice innovation could it follow web and mobile? I was not thinking about SIRI (love that this is IRIS backwards and it is watching you) – I was thinking about the explosion of voice innovation that SIRI may now open up.
  • Google Phone and what makes mobile unique? Still feel lots of special features but nothing so unique that marketing can get to work.
  • Net neutrality – where is the end game? Has only got more complex and lots of end games!
  • Advertising is for the economically viable – will this lead to the true digital divide? Nothing happened on this topic at any level.
  • Trusted brokers for the attention barter – who will win the honest and trusted broker brand war? Spot on for topic but did not get as far as I thought.
  • Social reputations, what are they and do they have any value? Still coming.
  • Change to directory thinking driven by "Verified Tagging" Spot on thinking and emerging.
  • Development of identity from tags. Spot on thinking and emerging.

So in 2012 I think the following will dominate thinking in my digital world

  • Digital Footprint – clarity that no-one owns or controls it or you
  • Social influence and reputation - do they have any value?
  • Change to directory thinking driven by "verified tagging"
  • Digital Signals – gathering the right sort of data.
  • Intention economy – analysis and prediction of what you intend!
  • Development of personal digital identity from social tags.
  • A step change in making the computer interface more human
  • Voice innovation will follow web and mobile experiences and explode.