Growing Up Policed - The MyDigitalFootprint.ORG Project via @gdonovan

Presentation by Gregory Donovan given at “Growing Up Policed: Surveilling Racialized Sexualities” Mini-Conference (New York & Oregon)

As producers of their own social network, members of the Youth Design and Research Collective experience how they are participants in cyberspace and thus co-constructors of their own digital footprints. This presentation will address how such consciousness reframes informational capitalism and encourages young people to see themselves as self-possessed social actors, while also providing a framework for youth to address their own concerns with privacy, property, and security in the cyberspace.

Gregory T. Donovan is a Ph.D. candidate in Environmental Psychology. His research focuses on the political ecology of informational capitalism and operates at the intersection of Urban Studies, Youth Studies, and Internet Studies. His dissertation, /, is a participatory action research project with New York City youth that explores the everyday experiences of youth developing within proprietary digital environments. ost

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