Is facebook too sticky even if I can move my data?


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Right now I have way too many applications that interact with each other from Twitter and Facebook for login credentials to many sites, deep integration with PayPal, Google and Posterous, and how my credibility, reputation or influence as measured by Klout or PeerIndex will change depending on what I connect.  As my social media tools has swopped from the destination (connections and updates) to authentication, so in my laziness I have become stuck (in a rut). I want a new key stoke to the above; “Laziness”

But I find division and confusion reign in all directions. As I post from my Blog here at My Digital Footprint, as this gets carried across G+, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook – comments come back from every angle which means spreading the message is easy (distribution and broadcast), collation of comments input and feedback is hard and difficult.  Everything is linked but just enough to make it sticky, if Sticky is too difficult to move (e.g Bank Account) - then I am stuck.

I am not worried about getting my data back (download/ backup) or deleting it.  I am concerned that I no longer use some sites, but as they are linked together I still need them, but have no idea about what connections are where.

Here is a Christmas project for someone.  Can you write a visualisation that runs in Chrome that shows all my social media connections and linkages (application level), data passed etc and then what I can remove or what I could change?

What I am thinking is that I would like to be able to use two of three login credentials and that I can choose which ones to use at any time.