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Identity Woman Kaliya Hamlin When we talk about standards for identity we end up defining how people can express themselves in digital networks

IdentityBlog Kim Cameron’s Identityblog contributes to the discussion of Identity and Privacy issues and technology.

Digital Identity Dave Birch The future of retail electronic payments, cashless society, Internet and mobile payments.

Independent Identity Phil Hunt's blog on identity standards, privacy, and some other stuff. .

Phil Windley's Digital ID Policies .... 

danah boyd making connections where none previously existed

Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium where individuals control their own data by enabling a thriving network of businesses around personal ...

 Identity Blogger Bob Blakley identity blog 

Planet Identity Over on the Forrester blogs, I talk about the latest progress on Simple Cloud Identity Management (SCIM), as seen and discussed at IIW. (I’ll be at Forrester …

Claims-Based Identity Blog Federated Identity and the Identity Metasystem.

Matt Flynn’s Identity management space

Peter Vander Auwera Innovation and Identity

My Digital Footprint Tony Fish... the world of digital footprint, identity, privacy, reputation and trust

The Privacy, Identity & Consent Blog Toby Stevens I've been heavily involved with aspects of the new cross-government identity assurance initiative


please let me know of any others that focus on Identity  - thank you