Santa has been released following payment of fines over data breaches


Global News – After a very busy month, Mr S. Claus was caught sleeping and was easily captured earlier this week according to Mr Jobs Worth who today announced a payments of fines levied against him for infringement and violations of the personal privacy, entering without permission, setting off alarms, storing data and keeping lists of the naughty and good.

 “Mr. S. Claus has been collecting children’s preferences for toys and tracking their behaviour so as to judge and maintain a data base of naughtiness and niceness, without the necessary licences.  Further holding this personally identifiable information, including all children’s names, addresses, and ages is against the law. He has solicited this information on and off line, in some cases passing data to third parties so they may fulfil children’s wishes.”

Mr Sad Person who led the global collaborative investigation by the US and EU government, also confirmed that “Mr Clause has been entering houses using this information and has done this on a massive scale for too long!”

Claus was fined $200 Bn based on the value of the information and breaches and has been ordered to end any contact.