Why I want you to do what I will not do


"do as I say don't do as I do" from the Genesis Song "Jesus he knows me"

We tend to have different accounts. Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Filckr, YouTube, Gropon, Blogger, Disqus and Twitter to name a few and we cannot forget Gmail, Hotmail, and a splatter of Skype and IM.  Each one created at a unique point in time, with a profile and either to test or to engage.

Each service and hence each account has a different audience and with each, you *probably* presented a different persona or in some cases names.  Personally I use different accounts to filter spam and junk and to see who sells my data.

I am trying to bring all my lists together and consolidate one list of contacts (currently 11,739) in the hope that in my brave new world I will have one list no longer in silos:  Facebook, Twitter, email contacts but will have one contact and all of their content, views, contacts as one digital person. But like me others have persona and details that they expose depending on the application. 

So please to make my life easy can you do what I will not do.  I want my life to be easy - therefore I create persona.  However, for me; if you do this - it makes my life complex.  Dilemma of 2011!