Are consumers comfortable with or creped out by online data collection tactics?


This is my own twist to an article by Lauren McKay, Associate Editor of CRM.

The original post

We set up digital footprints without knowing

When we get it wrong and it's funny, dangerous it can go viral and be like a millstone forever.  They is no knowing what you will do or say that can go viral or why.

You may think you have control, set the setting or ticked the box but you don't. Someone else can cut and paste anything and then your in trouble.

However, there is value in your data and companies want access to it, sometimes what they find or imply is creepy

Privacy is dead - trust is king.  It does not matter if you have the rights, if I don't like it there's going to be problems. Conversely, you may not have rights, but do something that create value, I may love you. The customer is always right.