New Business Models are not about innovation, unless getting it right in new!


In the book I write a chapter about Business models and describes 8 models.  One overarching conclusion about all the models was that there was no real benefit gained from owning user data as it does not open up significantly more or valuable business models. Knowing where the data is and having rights is sufficient.  Indeed in many ways it would be better for you and companies if you stored/managed your own data rather that it sitting in lots of proprietary silos as a company would only need one API and it would remove a lot of problems about storing customer data.  This article about monitising your web apps shows that there is no shortage of alternative models.  However, I sense that there is a migration away from creating new business models and a move towards offering a *More Complete Service* not because it new or now possible or cheaper but if you don't you will not have a business at all.

The ability for a user to voice their views and the impact of rants and raves is well understood. The requirement for a business to service it customers once and hope that there are enough other new customers is no longer a valid ideology.  Open feedback, reviews and fast access are forcing change.  

New plans based on digital footprints are not about bigger, better, faster but about end-to-end, service, feedback, continual improvement and refinement.  Service does not become an option or a KPI it has to the *purpose* of the company.  Technology allows you to know who to influence and who influences you but does not enable you to have relationship or conversation with a customer.  

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