Offermatic - a secure way to exploit your data for your own benefit


Offermatic founded by Fasial Qureshi is a mashup of Mint, Blippy and Groupon

Offermatic & Mint offer a front end user interface to Yodlee’s robust financial network.

Offermatic & Blippy both dig through your credit card transactions just like  does, although Offermatic don't  post for the world to see

Offermatic & Groupon both push special offers to a group of users.


You register your credit cards with Offermatic via the Yodlee back end (which is secure). Offermatic then downloads your individual credit card purchases and matches offers from advertisers relevant to your purchase history. If you buy something at Home Depot, for example, you may get a $30 off coupon from Lowes. You’ve spent money on textbooks and you get a special offer from Chegg. Etc. All offers will be 40% – 90% off normal retail, says Offermatic.

Offermatic also offers users actual cash just for registering credit cards. Each month that any of your credit cards has at least 20 transactions and $1,000 in total charges, you’ll get $1.25. You can theoretically make up to $15/year on up to each of four credit cards. The company says they’ll pay that out via check or paypal.  "Our members trust us with their valuable data, so it's our job to make sure we provide as much of that value back to them. We provide our members with automatic rebates, exclusive discounts, and reward points - so that they can save hundreds or thousands of dollars annually.In order to make sure we achieve our mission, we make sure to maintain a strong value proposition for our merchant partners. $235 Billion is spent on advertising each year in the US. Much of it on ads that interrupt and bombard people who aren't listening, don't care, and probably don't need what's being pitched. We plan to provide merchants with a better alternative. Rather than marketing to the masses (and being ignored), they can provide money-saving offers just to their ideal customers who have a clear need or desire for their product or service. It's better for merchants, and better for consumers.

Our company is founded by experienced Silicon Valley internet entrepreneurs who know that the only innovation that matters is measured in terms of satisfied users and customers. We're privately financed with operations in Silicon Valley."