Facebook has published a short blog post, opening up of users' personal contact details to app developers.


Facebook has published a short blog post ‘opening up of users’ personal contact details to app developers.’


Facebook statement: "Developers can now request permission to access a person’s address and mobile phone number to make applications built on Facebook more useful and efficient. You need to explicitly choose to share your data before any app or website can access it and no private information is shared without your permission. As an additional step for this new feature, you're not able to share your friends' address or mobile information.”

Third party app developers will only gain access to this personal information, if the user agrees to give make it available when downloading the app. However, it does assume you have read the Terms and Conditions and can understand them.

Whilst many analysts are not sure why Facebook has made this change now but are concerned about what unvetted third party developers will do with the additional information.


So What!

This data could be seen as common knowledge and can be bought. If a company gets it wrong and really annoys you, Facebook will mark them as SPAM and game over for their model.  



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