Privacy Day - why we may have the wrong model!

Today is the 4th Data Privacy Day. The focus is to inform and educate about personal data rights and protections. However, in many ways we debate privacy as a "motorway model."  There are two directions of the traffic, one towards more and better freedom, open, engagement, value and wealth.  The other is towards less and worse based on fear, uncertainty and doubt.  On either side we know that if we stray too wide it will lead to unethical, immoral, illegal and creepy and at some middle point we can find a compromise position.


My view is that this could well be the wrong model, as is built on the assumption of rule, regulation, enforcement, nation, system and compromise. We are searching for a perfect solution. Privacy is a setting and is uniquely personal to everyone on earth.  My often righteous and western view is based on my history and perhaps as I find that India and China over take us in terms of economic activity we should consider looking for an alternative model based on community and engagement.  There is no doubt that 'we' face many new and diverse challenges but I am delighted that I believe we together can tackle the complex issue of privacy, liberty and trust through conversation and innovation.