Google Latitude history - routes and routines in full colour.


Google Latitude history is either very interesting or very scary.  In "my digital footprint" I wrote about an idea for a security application where a phone would close applications and services as you drifted off your normal routine based on history and location. Further it would also seek to find friends and contacts as additional support.

The latitude dashboard lets you see some graphs of how much time you spend at work, home, and out and about, and a list of your most visited places. You can also see a Google Map with your 500 latest updates added as pushpins.  From the dashboard, you can export your history of location updates as a KML file. It does ask you to opt in, and it doesn't share your location history with anyone. There is no doubt that it is a bit creepy as it gives step-by-step views of where you have been and even knows how many total miles I've travelled. You will love the little feature that explains how many miles you have travelled in terms of distance from the moon !

Be amazed, no need to build a unique application, it has been done. However, if you want a defence of where you phone was at the time of the murder, it would be great, proving you were with the phone is more difficult. 

If you want to really annoy everyone with what your are doing and where you are - check out