Will Twitter rescue broadcast TV?


For a long time the writing has been on the wall for linear/ broadcast TV. Worth reading the Huffington Post/ Business Insider article Web Video is the new television) and Wikinomics Twitter TV

In my little corner of the UK, data is everything.  Get data, analyse data, direct new services based on analysis of data, get feedback from interactions based on analysis, continue loop and get more data from more people on who is the influencer and who is influenced, offer more value add, build lock in to increase long term economic value, nudge share price based on DCF of long term relationship.

The data in this scenario comes from mobile, web and TV and how we interact with the “screens of life

Thinking specifically about TV, the problem has been how to find immediately that programme you want in multi channel world.  There is a lot of good thinking behind gathering knowledge of preferences and drive recommendation and indeed extending this control to your mobile.  Based on the ability to record and the volume of channels, linear/ scheduled broadcast is dead. Delayed, recorded, streamed, determine my own time wins. 

On demand is here and will stay.

We know that adding to this pressure is social networking and web time that is also replacing traditional TV entertainment (see Gigaom and WSJ)

*However* the programming I enjoy and are enjoying more and more are those where I can interactive with the back channel along with everyone else.  Live TV debates, QI, x-factor, Strictly Come dancing, Top Gear, The Gadget show and even podcasts such as TWIG.  I recommend you watch commodity with Twitter as it goes to show how quick, funny and amazing some people are!

Twitter (on my mobile or tablet) is adding to the fun of watching the schedule and if I don’t watch it in real-time along with others, I just get the dull version. Maybe, just maybe there is some value in your digital footprint.