Memolane. Capturing your entire online life

Based on our compulsion to share every aspect of our digital lives online Memolane, founded in 2010 and winner of Startup Weekend Copenhagen provides a visual time line of your data.  The service allows you to aggregate and organize your profiles and information across the web. The services currently supported include; Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Twitter,, Foursquare, Tripit, Spotify, and RSS feeds for any blog.

Memolane purports to capture your entire online life in one timeline making it easy for you to travel back in time and re-live great memories.  However, what they capture is what you are annoying the world with – it is your outbound firehose.  It is not what others are saying about your content or what data is saying about you.  It is a content creation by you storage.  As a services there will be a demand – but it is not capturing your entire online life.

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