Should I care if social media is just a big game?




Game - concentrate - inject fun - cognitive behaviour change - reward outcomes benefits - commercial – interruption - escape




Are those works the ramblings of a mad man or a response to Nicholas Carr writing in the The Shallows [I will post a review of the book later but just digesting] or is it that I now know that no-one will read this blog post in full and therefore just wants a few key words?


In a few more words – what do I mean.


  • The thought started in September with the post, Is Twitter just a massive game, the winner gets their 5kbits of fame from the best quibble of the day?
  • The Shallows describes how we don’t concentrate and just skim in an F format.  We never take the time to understand what is being said.  But is this fault of the quick format content or our lack of time?
  • Many new business models are about injecting “fun” into the equation for create engagement. Fun is quick
  • We are changing how we behave or are the environments changing and we react - the insights being offered by cognitive behavioural science is on the rise, but there is a huge interdependency.
  • It is changing as the rewards, outcomes and benefits are changing as well as our requirements
  • The commercial importance has moved from the content to understanding how the content is used.  The message is now not important, only that you consumed it and how and with who and what did you do with it.
  • The best route to drive this new model is interruption, which takes back to the first point, we don’t spend any time as we are always driven by interruptions.
  • Can we escape as it will only get faster?



In a lot of words – not worth writing as on one will read it.

Case in example from my own recent numbers - 142,000 reads of this short form, interrupt driven blog compares to 4,000 of the long form, time required, concentrate hard book.