When you cross this line - updated definition of what a digitalfootprint is!

A full Digital Footprint is made up from the combination of the following three components:
  1. *content you* publish about yourself, others and products & services. You are in control of this content right up until the point you chose to publish it on the Web. Once your view is published you are dependent on how others will use that content – so be careful what you say as once out, it cannot be taken back. What you publish is believed to be a good representation of who and what you are and therefore companies look to analysis this data and market to you based on what you have said.
  2. *content that others* publish about you and your content. You are not in control of this content and you have very little rights over what is said and you should thing that it will be impossible to remove it. This content is helpful in the determination of trust, relationship, reputation and influence.
  3. *data you leave* from interactions with digital products and services. Data is collected from both your activities such as key strokes, search, clicks, payment, purchases, likes, TV channel selection and from passive usage such as location, attention, routes, routines, reaction, friending and following.

Mobile is the critical device in the development of your digital footprint as much of the content and data you will create will come from the device being available at the point of inspiration or need.

Whilst today most of your content and data is stored in silo’s, this prevents companies from combining all of your related content and data to either add enormous value or really annoy you; but this market structure does offer some privacy.

The challenge facing companies who want to barter your *digital footprint* for free services is finding the balance between privacy, trust and creating benefit on the one hand and annoying, creepy and arrogant on the other.