Twitter is to mobile, what search is to the web - the logic of an acquisiton explained


Twitter is to mobile; what search is to the web!

Mobile and Web in this context are “platforms” 

Wireless and Broadband are “infrastructure”

Twitter and Search are “applications”

Follow (Twitter) is instant, contextual, relevant and personalised by you and your preferences.

Search (Google, Bing) is indexed, selected, presented, elected, paid for, delayed but personalised on your history.

Follow is "now", at the point of inspiration, entertainment or need, immediacy, narrow and responsive,

Search is "there", available, rich, historical, deep and wide.

I would propose that “Follow” has a higher value for mobile than “Search”, and search has a higher value for the web. 

Maybe there is some logic to acquiring follow services,  if you believe mobile is the future!