TrueRep - another service to help Manage Online Identity and Reputation


A recent Harris Interactive survey confirmed that 90% of U.S. adults want more control over the information that is available about them online.

Intelius, has joined the band wagon and unveiled a new subscription service designed to help consumers take control of their online identity and reputation. TrueRep uses public records and commercially available information such as social network public profiles to give consumers insight into information available about them, and helps them understand how others might view them based on that information. It is designed for consumers to monitor and manage their online personal information, so they can feel more confident about their online persona.

The beta release of TrueRep is being launched (Dec 2010) and it is already a subscription service and delivers a Reputation score…..based on their interpretation of your data (15 different parameters from a subscriber's public profile based on three key areas – stability, trustworthiness and safety)

The facts are that most of your data is available from public records. Other data that you post about yourself is under your control *UNTIL* someone else copies and pastes your content or writes about you.  Then your data is out of your control.  Reputation (for what should be the first question) based on data in your control should be good.  Reputation based on others data could be anything.

However, what reputation is and what it is used for are quite different?