FT.com Publishes 'Mobile in the Boardroom' Report -



FT.com has launched its inaugural ‘Mobile in the Boardroom’ global research report. There should be a below.

According to the research:

  • business professionals are more than twice as likely to access general news and 1.6 times more likely to access social networking sites.
  • whilst consumers are using their handsets to access the mobile web in increasing numbers, business professionals remain significantly ahead of consumers in terms of adoption and usage intensity.
  • 60 per cent of business professionals use their handsets to browse content on the mobile web.
  • Over 40 per cent of business professionals use their handsets to access news and current affairs content.
  • iPhone is dramatically changing the way business users consume content.

Data from the FT’s servers published in this report suggest that iPhone usage has a remarkable effect on users’ *propensity to access mobile content* and that the *amount of time the spend consuming* that content. The report can also be accessed here

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