Why factual representations of you will fail to deliver value!


Too much data; Selection based on what we want to hear; Too much effort to change your mind =  Good banding is finding that affinity with those who have a similar model

I understand very clearly that there is too much data.  Yes it is possible to record everything - all my actions and reactions, voice calls, my journeys, my routes and routines, my emails, my IM and other communications.  You can record what I listen too, read, smell and taste. You can take my preference for food, drink, entertainment, environment, wall paper, bed comfort – indeed everything I do, touch, smell, taste, hear and see.  It can be recorded but our brain already throws away just about all that data and just stores enough to make changing our minds hard and difficult.  The effort to change what you have done before is high, indeed the brain is an energy hungry organ and we are lazy.

Therefore, a Brand will be more inclined to align itself to you and your motivations than you are to move towards the brand.

If the Brand can find our about you from your digital footprint, it will not find it easy to change your mind, but if you are already aligned to its values, messages and sales techniques – you will be hooked without even knowing.  It is likely that the Brand does not need all data (factual representation) to do this, just a few key sentiments. And the only reason it needs your name is to make your feel wanted!

Therefore a factual representation of you will fail to deliver value if you have an expectation that the analysis of your data will deliver what you want, desire or intend based on your past.  But if it allows Brands to align to what you already believe in; there could be a marriage, however if this creates happiness and value is open for debate.