mobile 2 in SFO on 11th Sept with @dickhardt @kevinmarks @mcguireslaw @winemaker @tonyfish


The event in coming round again and I am on at 11.00 and delighted to be hosting the fireside chat where we will focus on sensors, identity and big data. I have an amazing line up including Dick Hardt Pioneer and Entrepreneur, Kevin Marks Vice President of Open Cloud Standards at Salesforce, Andrew Nash Director of Identity Products Google and Michael Neuenschwander Sr. Director, Product Management, Oracle and Russ McGuire VP strategy at Sprint

The starting position is that mobile phones are now digital sensors determining and feeding back what your current environment is like, they provide in India and Africa users with a digital identity, and these device just generate an abundance of user specific, context aware, relevant and timely data. But more data does not automatically give meaning, generate better insights or create value for either users or marketers.

So what we are going to chat about is how do we make mobile data more meaningful and does it require a shift in the way we think about and maybe segment users. Imagine that you shifted from being described as a 20 to 30, high income, male in California to being described and segmented based on intention, attention, trust, reputation and influence? You could not be highly trusted person seeking new car.

Will this be our future or does something else need to happen? Tony

You can register @ and there are some discount codes if you DM me