Using data to tell us what we already know #digitalfootprints


If you have not looked at David Mccandless work on representing data you should, it is fabulous.

The model of digital footprint is collect data, store data, analysis, create value and feedback.  This data representation is the visual representation of the output.

The chart above is about breakup’s and shows the facts but not the reasons or how this changes with time.  Neither does it normalise against online activity or context such as people getting together.  The other obvious point is this only shows those who are presenting their data. One key fact about digital footprints is that increasingly your data will be put out there without you doing anything and in some cases without you knowing.  Consider the scenario where you may not have added your status, but due to a change in habit as detected by location and time, it could be inferred from your data and trends. Does the digital you know too much?

The ‘So What’ question I believe is “Data can be read so many ways – how is your data being read?”