Social filtering is deeply human



Social Filtering is Human - not brands, not curators, not search, not editors


In my book I write that there is limited value in the collection of data (it will be a commodity game), I contend that storage of data is just a cost and a liability, value will be derived from analysis and being about to control the feedback loop.  Analysis, I proposed, was algorithms – deeply complex bits of code that could draw out meaningful views from all the data.

15 months on from writing I am left thinking that one aspect of the algorithm – (social) filtering is actually a deeply human task as I trust my network more than brands, curators, search and editors.

Therefore, whilst I accept that algorithms can do the task and as well – will I ever trust the results?


To quote from David’s very good article, where the diagram came from as well

“Often times the quality of links and information I get on Twitter is better than what I would have gotten from Google because the knowledge of the human feed is deep, niche, and fickle.”