Network Roulette - could it damage your professional reputation?


Brazen Careerist (, a site for career advancement, launched Network Roulette, an online speed-networking service last week. As a service it randomly matches participants with others (anyone) after answering two questions: “What are you looking for?” and “What are you providing?”  User then have up to 3 minutes to determine if the random match can help you and a wash-up dashboard then sets out follow up.

Perfect for the couch potato who wants to stay playing "Call of Duty" instead of taking the time to get out see daylight and meet others.  However, it is positioned for those busy exec's (professional) who want to expand their network.  Personally, very confused as if busy that last thing I need is some random introductions.

However, this is another place for your digital identity/ persona and the question I now ask with these services is; Is this value add or is this reputation destroying?