Facebook is a dead end and a threat to the web


My free Metro this AM carried a story about Facebook being a threat to the Internet and the register is running a similar story  http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/11/20/berners_lee_says_facebook_a_thret_to_web/ based on an Interview in Scientific American journal.

It appears that Sir Tim Berners-Lee (read Open Web) is hitting out at all social networks for not sharing information.  "Facebook and others encourage users to enter their information ... So the more you enter, the more you become locked in,’ says Sir Tim  'The more this kind of architecture gains widespread use, the more the web becomes fragmented – and the less we enjoy a single, universal information space.

The threat to Internet freedom comes from enclosing data in corporate-governed online spaces – such as ‘apps’ – instead of linking pages fluidly and allowing knowledge to transcend businesses and borders.

‘You can access an iTunes link only using Apple’s patented iTunes programme,’ said Sir Tim, who first set up the web on his desk computer 20 years ago. ‘You are no longer on the web. The iTunes world is centralised, walled off. You are trapped in a single store, rather than being on the open marketplace.’

The rubber hits the road on issues of privacy and liberty, but what is the reason for knowing everything?  We don't need it all recorded as collection and storage of data is a commodity business,  value comes from analysis and feedback.  Open in this case should be that anyone is able to undertake analysis of the your data (wherever it is stored) and therefore create value. Open should not be that everyone can look at your data.