Speaking at DiViA in Helsinki : Jan 2011


I will be speaking at the DiViA-forum, an initiative of the Aalto University, Helsinki on "Digital Footprints"

I will focus on

- Definitions and the models for digital footprints

- How to understand your customers by using their data?

- What are companies globally doing at the moment?

- What are the present trends and key social rules?

- Personal views on what should be focused on?

- Case examples

- Best practices

-Typical hurdles and how to overcome these



DiViA-forum is an initiative of the Aalto University. The DiViA-forum is tackling issues relating to marketing and the relationships and roles between organizations and customers. We aim to bring to the DiViA-forum leading thinkers from different fields of marketing.

At the moment we have 100+ organizations as DiViA members. The organizations are from different fields with sizes ranging from global players to SME. The audience for the seminar is expected to be around 300 persons consisting of CEOs, CMOs, developing managers and others.

The goal for DiViA is, through academic research and discussions with experts, to create knowledge about how digital channels and social media should be used, how customers feel about the new channels and marketing methods, and how they adopt and use them. In addition DiViA will examine other important questions concerning topics such as; customer relationships, integrated marketing, the effect of digitalisation on sales, customers and organisations, the value chain of digital marketing, different new agent-, community-, and portal-services.

We would like to come to understand how value can be (co-)created for customers. Also how new customers are acquired, developed, and maintained using channels and interactions. The goal is to create an outline and understanding as extensive as possible of these subjects. The means how to achieve it is by collecting research reports and distributing it in seminars, provoking discussions between different actors and experts about their experiences and visions. This kind of discussion forum has worked well and it seems like there is still a need for this kind.
Divia wants to focus on topics that participating companies can make use of when planning their own marketing- and business -models. We are aiming to be on the cutting edge of research and theory creation. There does not exist many comparable projects even internationally. We are continuously networking with international instances that are creating new information. DiViA 2010 is a continuation of a project that started 2002, to this day a total number of about 300 companies have participated in DiViA altogether.