@stephen_wolfram: The Personal Analytics of My Life


Source: http://blog.stephenwolfram.com/2012/03/the-personal-analytics-of-my-life/

The article is a walk through Stephen’s life based on his data and the data shows what we expect of a professional.  Where is the value?  The value comes, I think, not from this data set but from the collective of data sets.  If we all did this and provided our data for it to be compared and contrasted. And this is where we have to be careful. If I carefully pick people like me, guess what we will all slap ourselves on the back and say well done we are all as “efficient” as each other. How do you find improvements, how do you determine wastage, how to you seek out value, where is inspiration…. We know it is in there, but how do we find it and nurture it as it is about to occur?