mashup* event on Social + TV



Last night (22nd May) Andy Eardley, Director & co-Founder, TV App Agency Ltd, Anthony Rose, Co-Founder & CTO, Zeebox, Mark James, Global Business Development Manager, ACCESSMyTV and Will Neale, CEO, ShowCaster took to the stage at to chat about Social + TV…. A few of my post event thought captures.

  • Does a TV scenario at home described as 1st and 2nd screen imply control
  • Revenue for TV will continue to come from advertising (excluding the BBC special case)
  • The power play for Brands is shifting from being on the device to being on the service
  • The connected “experience” requires a person
  • Is social just augmentation?
  • Advertising is likely to be the only unchanged model in TV in 5 years, other models (telco, mobile, access, paid TV) will all adopt in different ways
  • No natural “country boarders” of Internet presents the bigger hurdles to change
  • Will the user be the centre of the “home ecosystem”
  • User experience is key, but don’t want a closed system will cause frictions
  • Who will create the desire to watch – taste makers will move from big budget TV pushed to editors – who may be individuals with an affinity to a user group
  • Algorithms will win over users for picking and recommendations – you follow the crowd
  • TV viewing is tribal
  • “Live” still wins