Mobile Megatrends 2012 from@visionmobile

Mobile Megatrends 2012



Key Themes

- Handset DELL-ification and the emerging pyramid of handset OEM
- Web as the new walled garden and why the web is going back to the AOL days.
- Cross-platform tools as the next challenge to the Apple/Google duopoly
- The Kindelization of tablets – how Kindle is setting the rules of the tablet market
- Ecosystems battle across 4 screens and how experience roaming drives user lock-in, cross-sales and engagement
- Accessories as the next frontier for platform differentiation
- Tools for gold seekers and how the developer gold-rush has led to a gold rush for developer tools
- Reinventing the telco and how unbundling the telco is needed to compete in the software era
- The future of voice, from telephony to diversity of use cases