@jeffjarvis asks a great question about social pressure for virtue


Over at BuzzMachine on @jeffjarvis’s blog his opening on recent post called Social (network) Pressure is “By adding an organ-donation tool to Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is setting up a dynamic of social pressure for virtue. Is that always good?”

This is a great question as it moves the debate on from public, private, trust and identity [which you can spend a life debating and get no where.]  Why then is it a good question?  To me it is one of the new Digital Dilemmas, Digital Scruples, Digital Insights about humanity as it focus is on expectation, experience and context.  It is one that Data cannot tell you, yet…. how you should respond.

I love the comment stream on this post as it hits right at why we are human. More social will not remove our ‘innovative’ opinions, move over tech world the anthropologists are coming through.